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Duty Handover of Director of the GS of ARM

The last in line of the recent command duty handovers was the one of the GS Director. Today, at the General Staff of ARM, Major General Zoran Mileski took over the duty of Director of GS from the previous director, Major General Dimche Petrovski.


Chief of Staff of ARM Lieutenant General Metodija Velichkovski emphasized that he is convinced of the utmost professionalism of the decisions made and the completion of the tasks by the staff. 


General Petrovski, who performed this duty in the last six years, expressed his gratitude to his closest associates and all the employees of the GS of ARM for their collaboration wishing them success in the future.


General Mileski stressed that he will put forth maximum effort and continue to achieve all goals of the General Staff with the support of the sections.


By a decree of the President of the Republic of Macedonia the necessary procedures for today’s official duty handover were carried out during the last ten days.


General Mileski has performed many command and staff duties on tactical and operational level throughout his career, the last one being Commander of the Joint Operations Command.