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Duty Handover of the Commander of the Joint Operations Command

By handing over the command’s military flag from Major General Zoran Mileski to Brigadier General Pavle Arsoski the official duty handover of the Commander of the JOC was conducted at the military barracks ‘Boro Menkov’ in Kumanovo.


According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Macedonia, Brigadier General Pavle Arsoski, who has been deputy commander of the JOC, as of now is to command with the biggest operational command in the ARM, while Major General Zoran Mileski is to take over the duty Director of the GS of the ARM in the future.


At the ceremony, in accordance with the Rule for military protocol, Deputy Chief of the ARM General Staff, and the former and the new Commanders of the JOC addressed the members of the JOC and commanders of the subordinate units.


Addressing General Mileski, General Nuredin expressed his gratitude for the given contribution in this command and urged him to apply his knowledge and experience to his new post at the General Staff. Congratulating Genearal Arsoski on his new duty post, he wished him success in commanding the JOC, where he formerly carried out the duty of deputy commander, and to confirm the given trust with even greater achievements.


In his speech, General Mileski expressed his gratitude to the servicemen of the JOC for their support and commitment in achieving the results at work not only through the activities at the south border but also with the participation in the peace support operations and international exercises.


The newly appointed Commander Arsoski, in his address to the servicemen of the JOC, pointed out: ‘Together we should continue to foster the values our profession is founded on and enhance the reputation we have at home and abroad’. Furthermore, he stressed that professionalism, creating better working conditions and readiness in dealing with different challenges are issues he is going to give special attention to.


Besides Deputy Commander of the ARM GS, Major General Azim Nuredin, the ceremony was attended by representatives of the MoD and the ARM General Staff, former commanders of the JOC, commanders of subordinate commands and units and other guests.


The JOC is the largest command at operational level in the ARM whose mission is training of the conventional land and air forces of the ARM for defence and protection of the territorial integrity and independence of the Republic of Macedonia. In addition, JOC also deals with participation in peacekeeping missions with the declared units and prevention of conflicts and dealing with regional conflicts and crisis in NATO, UN, OSCE, EU – led operations and other international alliances and contributing to the protection of the interests of the Republic of Macedonia.