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Duty Handover of the Special Operations Regiment Commander

Today, in the Ilinden barracks in Skopje, with a military ceremony, duty handover of ARM Special Operations Regiment (SOR) Commander was held. Brigadier General Metodija Hadji Janev, who was an adjutant to the president of the Republic of Macedonia, received the duty SOR Commander from the Brigadier General Orce Jordev.


Besides the Minister of Defense Radmila Shekerinska and ARM Chief of General Staff Lieutenant General Metodija Velichkovski, ARM generals, GS representatives, commanders of subordinate commands and units and other guests attended the ceremony.


Former SOR Commander Brigadier General Orce Jordev said in his speech that it has been an honor and pride to be part of this elite unit of ARM for more than 23 years. He stressed that as the regiment commander he has used all his potential to meet the challenge of preserving and upgrading the established high criteria of the Macedonian "Wolves" and "Rangers".


The new SOR Commander, Brigadier General Metodija Hadji Janev, stressed that the time and security challenges require this unit to maintain the standard that has been achieved so far, to address the serious threats by cyber crime, asymmetric warfare and modern technologies.  Furthermore he stated that psycho-physical readiness and cognitive knowledge should be increased, in order to achieve ARM mission. He also stressed that the full respect and trust that SOR has by the state and military leadership should be justified by innovation, keeping up with contemporary threats to become part of the Euro-Atlantic community.


In her address, Minister Shekerinska congratulated the new duties to generals Jordev and Hadji Janev, and said that the Macedonian Army has a great reputation outside the country, gained by participating in missions and exercises. At the same time, she thanked all ARM servicemen who have so far participated in these missions for the great military and political contribution they have given to their country, and stated that the priorities of the state leadership are further improvement of the work conditions in ARM.


The former SOR Commander, Brigadier General Orce Jordev, with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Macedonia, has been appointed Chief of Staff in the JOC.


ARM Special Forces servicemen made a strong impact on the professionalization of ARM, thus building a strong tradition and cult of the unit, worthy of respect by fulfilling many challenges, missions and tasks during twenty years of our country’s development.