Training & Exercises


Regional Workshop for Logistic Exercise "LOGDEV-19"

In the period from May 8th to 11th, in the ARM House in Skopje, the Army of the Republic of Macedonia hosted a workshop for the forthcoming logistic exercise LOGDEV-19 (Logistics Development) which will be held next year in Georgia.


Together with the ARM representatives, representatives of the Republic of Albania and Montenegro, with the support of a team from the United States, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Finland, also took part in the workshop, which elaborated the necessary elements for the realization of the exercise.


National support element, negotiating the zone of operations and reception, acceptance and further movement were the topics discussed at the workshop, as part of development package of the logistics exercise.


Presenting NATO doctrines covering this domain, as well as practical work in trade unions, contributed to the emergence of the concept and procedures for developing a national element to support national contingents in NATO operations and a national deployment plan.


Logistic planners used the NATO Allied Deployment and Movement System (ADAMS) in the course of their work.