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KFOR Delegation Visits ARM GS

A delegation of the international peace forces in Kosovo – KFOR, led by mission commander, Major General Salvatore Cuoci, was in an official visit to the MoD and the ARM General Staff. During his visit at the ARM GS, General Cuoci had separate meetings with the Defence Minister Radmila Shekerinska, and with the Chief of the ARM General Staff, Lieutenant General Metodija Velichkovski.


Later, at the first official meeting this year between a KFOR delegation and a part of the personnel of the ARM GS, several issues were discussed including the security situation in the region, the current situation with the migrant crisis and the potential alternative routes of movement, cooperation with KFOR in respect of current security risks and terrorist threats.


The delegation had the opportunity to familiarize with the ARM activities dealing with the current situation at the south border in connection with the migrant crisis, as well as with the opportunity to use ATA Krivolak for training and exercise of the mission personnel.


In front of the ARM General Staff, KFOR Commander presented the current situation in his area of responsibility in Kosovo, the situation with the migrant routs through Kosovo, and also other KFOR activities.

At the meeting, both General Velichkovski and General Cuoci emphasized that the established excellent cooperation between the ARM and KFOR, and the presence of the mission are of great importance for the security and stability of the entire region.


During their one-day visit to the Republic of Macedonia the delegation will also visit the Ministry of Interior Affairs.


The cooperation with KFOR is presented through the Host Nation Support Coordination Centre implemented in June 2007, which is responsible for coordinating KFOR forces in border and customs transport procedures; incorporating other KFOR needs in the domain of logistic support and MEDEVAC. Through this centre the ARM indirectly participates in the KFOR mission, and in the future the ARM is to take part in the mission staff with one representative, which is going to strengthen that cooperation.