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ARM Chief of Staff at the 178th NATO Military Committee Conference

Chief of ARM General Staff, Lieutenant-General Metodija Velichkovski, attended the first day of the NATO Military Committee, in Chiefs of Defence sessions in NATO Headquarters, Brussels.


At the session of NATO members and PfP countries which take part in Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan, the mission commander, General Nicholson and NATO Senior Civilian Representative, Ambassador Zimmerman presented the latest strategic and operational information related to the security situation in Afghanistan.


The participants discussed about plans, directions and recommendations for further participation and actions in the mission, ahead of the February Defence Ministerial in 2018.


During the Conference, the Chief of ARM General Staff held several meetings and exchanged views with NATO and Partner nations CHODs, especially with heads of A5 Initiative. They discussed the last conference outcomes, and the readiness to deal with all security challenges in accordance with the firm commitment of the Republic of Macedonia for full membership in the North Atlantic Alliance.


Military representatives in the NATO command, as well as the Republic of Macedonia high military representative, actively participated at the military committee meetings.


Since 2002 the Republic of Macedonia has been continually contributing to the peace process in Afghanistan, which includes assisting, counseling and training in the mission "Resolute Support", by carrying out responsible tasks with staff officers and providing security of the HQ of Kabul mission.