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Promotion of Monograph "Military Generals from Macedonia (1943-2017)"


As the Day of ARM August 18th is approaching, in the year when the Army celebrates its 25th birthday, the monograph "Military Generals from Macedonia (1943-2017)" was promoted in the premises of the Army House, published by the association "Club of Generals of the Republic of Macedonia".


The publication of the monograph signed by the authors Miroslav Stojanovski and Boris Stojanoski, retired generals, is important for enriching the military history of the Republic of Macedonia, and at the same time marking this significant ARM jubilee. The project was supported by the Ministry of Defense and the ARM. The publication is a set of biographical data for the military generals from Macedonia from 1943 to 2017, which presents the Macedonian generals for the time periods 1943-1945, 1945-1992 and 1992 to 2017.


Data about 90 generals from the Republic of Macedonia, who in addition to their professional career have had significant contribution to the social and public life of the country, have been collected in this book for the first time. The first Macedonian general is Mihailo Mitev Apostolski (08.11.1906-07.08.1987), commander of the People’s Liberation Army and Partisans detachments in Macedonia, national hero, politician, military theoretician, historian and academician. The Military Academy, as the only military high - educational and scientific institution in the Republic of Macedonia is named in his honor.


The promotion was attended by: Defense Minister Radmila Shekerinska, Chief of GS of ARM, Lieutenant General Metodija Velichkovski, ARM generals, senior military leaders and representatives of the MOD and ARM, former ministers and chiefs of GS, retired generals and others guests.