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Joint Exercise of ARM and USAREUR, “Dragoon Guardian 17“



The upcoming joint exercise of ARM and the U.S Army Europe “Dragoon Guardian 17“    is a result of the military cooperation of ARM and the U.S Army in Europe.  The CHOD of ARM, Lieutenant General Metodija Velichkovski and the Commander of the U.S Army in Europe Frederick Ben Hodges, at their meetings agreed about the exercise and its realization was arranged at the meetings between the Macedonian Ministry of Defence and the U. S Embassy in Republic of Macedonia.   The Government of the Republic of Macedonia at the Parliament session on 22.06.2017 brought a decision for the realization of the exercise. The exercise “Dragoon Guardian” will be conducted from 26.07 to 08.08 at TA “Krivolak“.




The ARM participants of the exercise “Dragoon Guardian 17”  will be ninety members from the Engineer Battalion, unit within the 1st Mechanised Infantry Brigade, and three hundred members of the 2 Cavalry Regiment of the U.S Army Europe (USAREUR). Other ARM units will also take part in the exercise, mainly providing logistic support and military police security.



Aim of the Exercise:


The aim of the exercise is improving interoperability of ARM with NATO standards, strengthening the ongoing partnership with the USA and demonstration of the capabilities of both armies in providing help and support for the general population.


The following activities, among others, will be conducted during the exercise: Rapid decontamination, Personal weapon introduction, Shooting training, Engineer construction of landing strip for unmanned aerial vehicle, clearing improvised explosive devices lanes and other.



Dates, Events and Locations:

  • 26.07.2017 – The members of the American unit enter the Republic of Macedonia with 100 vehicles and engineer equipment (they will travel through the country in 5 convoys each consisting of 20 engineers vehicles, equipment and personnel);
  • 28.07-04.08.2017 – Conducting the joint exercise at TA “Krivolak“;
  • 01.08.2017 – Open Day, day for distinguished guests and day for the representatives of the media;
  • 05-06.08.2017 – Loading the equipment onto a train;
  • 07.08.2017 – Departure of the service personnel of the 2 Cavalry Regiment.

Civil-Military Co-operation:


During the exercise in some municipalities, which will be announced later on, the soldiers of ARM and the USA will organize community events at which they will display part of the equipment and the vehicles to the local population. The first event will be on the day of arriving in Macedonia on 26.07. 2017 in Kumanovo, and this will be the first interaction with the local inhabitants giving them opportunity to learn more about the unit and the forthcoming activities. 




At a press briefing, before the start of the exercise, the representatives of the media will be informed about the details of the exercise, and the appearance of the members of ARM and 2RC on the national media. 


During the exercise there will be an open day for the media and all activities will be announced at this web site, the ARM Facebook site and all national media of the Republic of Macedonia.