Training & Exercises
History of the ARM



ARM participates in missions "ISAF" in Afghanistan, the mission ALTHEA in BiH and UNIFIL mission in Lebanon.


The government in 2011 approved the long-term development plan for defense 2011-2020. This ensured the unity of institutional efforts for systematic development of the defense and alignment of the limited resources with key development priorities.


In 2011, the president, as supreme commander of the armed forces, adopted a Decision on restructuring the commands and units of the Army


In 2011 the following significant exercises of ARM were realized

The Chief of General Staff of ARM was named an honorary member of the National Guard of the State of Vermont. The declaration was made ​​by the Vermont National Guard Major General Michael Dubie on 16.03. in the Army Hall in Skopje


On 8 June in Ohrid the fifth conference of the chiefs of staff of the armies of the Balkan countries was held.


On June 22 a ceremony was held to award the medal "Legion of Merit" to the Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Miroslav Stojanovski by the U.S. Ambassador in Macedonia HE Philip Reeker.


On 18 August, at the central celebration marking the Day of ARM in the Centre for training on water in Ohrid, in the presence of the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Macedonia, there was transfer of the duty acting Chief of Staff of ARM. The duty of the Chief of General Staff was received by Major General Goranco Koteski from Lt. Gen. Miroslav Stojanovski.


On September 21st, an International demonstration exercise "Search and rescue of injured persons in inaccessible mountainous terrain and space" was organized by the SOR of ARM 


On December 21st the official opening ceremony of the Military Medical Center was held.


By the President of the Republic of Macedonia 6 people were honored with a medal for bravery for extracting people from the Buchim mine.


Joint Operational Command transformed into a new organizational – formational structure according to NATO standards organized into sections from J-1 to J-9 and reduced number of subordinate units.


By the Memorandum of understanding between the Republic of Macedonia and NATO operations command in 2011, the connection of national capacities for aerial surveillance and notification with the NATO Integrated system for Air Defense was established.




A new cycle of transformation has started. The process is planned during 2010-2011, and was brought in close cooperation with NATO and U.S. strategic partner.


ARM participates in missions "ISAF" in Afghanistan, the mission ALTHEA in BiH and UNIFIL mission in Lebanon.


On 21 April on ATA Krivolak, methodical demonstration exercise "Fire support of the mechanized infantry unit in attack" was held. The exercise included units of the artillery battalion, mortar battery and tank units of JOC


This year ARM celebrated the "20 years ARM" anniversary. On the occasion of this Jubilee various activities were organized including humanitarian assistance, solemn academy, tactical-technical words, blood donations, sports events, etc. The main celebration of this anniversary was held in the Ilinden barracks on the 18th August.


The following exercises were conducted during 2012:

Logistics Support Command transformed into Logistics Support Brigade. It is under the command of JOC.


By the transformation from 1st MIB Stip and 2MIB Kicevo was formed 1st MIB. The command of the brigade is located in barracks NH Strasho Pindzur in Petrovec, where it issues commands to the subordinate units.


On August 14th Special Operations Regiment was awarded the "Order of Merit". The Order was awarded by the President of the Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Gjorge Ivanov, PhD.


On 07 December the Chief of General Staff attended the ceremony to promote the "Museum for peaceful security defense research" in the Museum of Macedonia

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