Training & Exercises
History of the ARM



A Center for Arms Control was established within the GS of ARM. It was subordinated to the Deputy Chief of Staff.




With the transformation of the Army on 19 March at the Goce Delchev barracks in Skopje, The Training Command of the Army of Republic of Macedonia was established with three training centers: Center for infantry training (Bitola), Center for border guards (Veles) and the Center for arms and services (Skopje).


The Center for Arms Control was included in the new formation of GS of ARM.




The first contribution of the Republic of Macedonia abroad started within the NATO-led ISAF mission in Afghanistan.




ARM continued its participation in the ISAF mission in Afghanistan.


In June, ARM began to participate in the mission in Iraq - "Iraqi Freedom."


In May, the government of the Republic of Macedonia has made "Strategic Defence Review", which led to the adoption of a new national strategy for Security (National Concept for security and defense), as well as the "political framework". This legal framework was designed to reform the territorial defense of the military in terms of usability and sustainability.


In December 2003, the Special Units Command developed into Special Operations Regiment Command, the Special Purposes Forces transformed into Battalion for special operations, the Ranger Battalion was formed (from the reconnaissance battalion and the Parachute unit from Petrovec) and MPbtn was taken out of SUC and the RBtn and was transformed into an independent unit.


Macedonian Parliament adopted the National concept for Security and Defence, an important strategic document for the security sector that defines threats, strategic interests and values ​​of the Macedonian security.


On the occasion of the Day of ARM - 18 August, by 1.ibr was conducted exercise "Joint land - air operations in support of peace." The exercise was led by the Commander of Land Forces.


During this year, the command of the 1. Corps was transformed into a command of Land Forces. As part of the transformation there was termination and dissolution of 25.libr, 41 libr, and 1.mpoap and there was also a transformation of the center for training border guards and forming of the 8.Ibr.


Logistics Training Center began to work from 01.04.2013 according to the new structure.




ARM participates in missions "Iraqi Freedom" in Iraq and ISAF in Afghanistan.


The process of professionalization of the ARM has begun.


The Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and President of the Republic of Macedonia, Boris Trajkovski, was killed in a plane crash in Bosnia and Herzegovina on 27 February. The president was buried with the highest military honors.


On 12 March, there was handing over of the duty Chief of Staff of ARM. The duty of the Chief of General Staff of ARM was received by Major General Gjeorgji Bojadziev from General Methodi Stamboliski.


In 2004, ARM began a gradual handover of border security to MOI:

- 05.07.2004 the handover of the southern border between 2.bbr and border police and

- 01.09.2004 the handover of the eastern border between 2. bbr and border police.

This same year exercise Chebren was performed. The exercise was carried out together with the members of MOI.


The actor Mile Grozdanov visited 18 separate facilities – watchtowers, where he performed the melodrama "Chronology of a group of authors."


The bilateral exercise "Common Corridor 2004" was organized and conducted. The exercise was carried out by the command and the units of Land Forces.


The process of modernization of aviation devices for night flying has begun.


For the first time in the history of the ARM it was organized and carried out shooting targets in the air (paratroopers) with AA gun 20/3 mm.


This year TCBSU - Skopje was closed down - part of the units were relocated to TCRB and RBP - Bitola and LTC - Skopje - part of the units were relocated in garrison in Veles.


The Barracks "Gorce Petrov" in Skopje was handed over to the Ministry of Interior.


Several centers for the study of foreign languages were fully equipped by the United States FMF funds. The project facilitated the learning, primarily of the English language, for the staff from ARM.

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