Training & Exercises

A group of officers, who worked on formations of the units and commands of ARM, with the independence of the Republic of Macedonia, prepared the formation of light artillery missile regiment AD. On the formation, the selection of officers and their deployment on suitable duty stations worked: Lt Col Stoimenov Mitko, Major Arsov Anche, master sergeant 1st class Spasov Stojce and staff sergeant 1st class Siljanovski Sasho. The first day of the regiment was on April 06 1992 in barracks Petrovec with the first meeting of the officers of the regiment.


The duty commander of the regiment from 1992 to 11/13/1993 had Major Arsov Anche, who, despite his regular duty - Chief of Staff, representing the regiment commander, whereas the commander position according to formation was vacant.


Once the unit started to operate, the officers began preparations for the reception of new soldiers in the regiment which started on 15 April 1992, when first soldier arrived in the regiment – Risto Ilija Cane, from Kavadarci, born on 26.01.1972. Over the next five days, until April 20 1992, the unit had a total of 55 soldiers of which 52 Macedonians and 3 Turks.


The training of the soldiers began on April 27 1992.


The first generation of ARM soldiers gave a solemn oath on May 09, 1992 in "Ilinden" barracks.


The first firing at ground targets with ARU for ADwas performed on June 16 1992 at ATA Krivolak.

Stojanovski Mile was appointed as the AD regiment commander on 13.11.1993.

On March 1, 1994 a new formation of the LARR (Light Artillery Rocket Regiment) AD replaced the old. In 1994 Commander LARR PVO was still Lt Col Stojanovski Mile. On 17.11.1994, Lt. Ristov Hristo was appointed as the Chief of Staff. In 1994 there was number of shooting practice conducted with infantry weapons. There was shooting practice at ground targets with artillery armament (20/3 mm AAC and 40 mm AAC) at ATA Krivolak.


In 1995-1996, the commander of LARRAD was Lt Col Mile Stojanovski. In April 1996 the regiment formed TC for ARU AD for the needs of the ARM, where they began combat training and educationof the troops during the training of the individual. Thus, practically the officers of the AD Regiment began to work by new MF. In October 1996, the AD division was formed, where they will conduct combat training and education to units.

The regiment grew by getting 1 m/v TAM 4500 and 5 m/v Iveco 80.17. Training center has 12 AA Canons 20/1mm M-75.

On 09.01.1997, the duty "Commander" of AD Regiment was given to Lieutenant Jovcevski Atanas.

On 26.08.1998, the duty "Commander" of AD Regiment was given to Lieutenant Arsov Ance.


The life, work and training of the command and the units of 3rd AD Battalion during 2001 was realized in two periods as follows:

On 15.20.2001, a process of professionalization of the unit started and also the training of professional soldiers (at that time 37 professional soldiers joined ARM).


On 08.09.2001, from AD Regiment was transformed into battalion and the training center of the AF and AD continued to work within the Training Command.


On 06.11.2001 there was a handover of the duty commander of 3rd AD Battalion between acting Major Mitrinovski Gjeorgji and Lt ColIlievski Slave.


During 2002, there have been detailed preparations and the latest transformation was made into 3rd AD Battalion (peacetime and wartime).


By Month June 2003 commanding officer was Lt. Slave Ilievski, and then Lt. Col Blaze Ristov received duty.

In the same year there was also a transformation of the unit under the new formation, with much of the staff moved into the ranks of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the border police.


By November 2004 the commanding officer was Lt Col Blaze Ristov and then Major Ljupcho Georgievski received temporary duty.


In 2005 3rd AD Battalion was transformed into AD battalion where Major Jakim Nikolovski received duty.

In 2007, according to the partnership goals, a draft plan was made on forming a declared platoon for AD which was activated in 2010, by starting with the preparations for the exercise Macedonian Flash 07 when all the documents for the platoon were officially approved. Platoon commander was Captain Kiril Iliev. It was intended for the AD of the command and the units from the Medium Infantry Battle Group (MIBG). It consisted of 42 people.

In 2008, 2009 and 2010, several shooting practices were realized with p/c (preparatory and single), with AA Cannon 20/3 mm and LPRS Igla. In cooperation with the Armed Forces of the Republic of Slovenia a stationary camping was organized with live firing at targets with LPRS Igla and the exercise CHALLENGE 08 was also carried out.

In the above mentioned we can see the beginnings of the AD, starting as a regiment, division, 3rd AD Battalion, and in 2011 it was already independent AD battalion with Lt Col Zoran Iliev as the commander, so already in 2012 the AD battalion was part of the aviation brigade with Major Trajče Denchevski as the commander.


As for the equipment of the ADB, it was realized as follows: April 23, 1992 the first 2 AAC 20/3 mm were brought. On the same day from RSTD Skopje were brought 4 more AAC 20/3 mm. On 28 and 29 April and 36 more AAC 40 mm M-12 were brought from the organizations "Refinery", "Ohis" and "Zhelezara". In August 1992, the personal arms of the unit was changed, instead PAP, PPSH M-41 were introduced.

In 1993 the unit was outfitted with 20/3 mm AA cannons and AAC 40 mm M-12.

In 2000 the unit was outfitted with six handheld radios Q-210 and 12 automated phones, and in 2001 a reception for the new RS for AD "STRELA-10m" and IGLA.

On 19.07.2001 the process of equipping the unit with modern tools for AD began, with the arrival of missile systems "Strela-10m". In this year the unit has 4 (four) cargo m/v Iveco, 2 m/v ILTIS and m/v LADA RIVA. As far as equipment goes, the unit has funds for modern communications.

In 2002 the unit is equipped with: an ambulance, terrain vehicles and passenger vehicles, while in 2003 the unit is provided with three water tanks that meet the needs.

Starting from the establishment of ADB until 2012, ADB in 2012 has 5 cargo Iveco m/v, 1 m/v LADA Samara, 3 terrain m/v Pincgauer, 2 terrain m/v Puch and 1 fuel tank DAF, 1 Land Rover Defender 110 taken from 2nd MIB, 8 SLO-10m and 1-OT Leonidas and 4 AAC 20/3mm.