Training & Exercises

The Rangers Battalion was formed in 2004. It consists of the former Reconnaissance battalion and the Parachuting squad as well as servicemen from other ARM units.
The Rangers Battalion has a respectable experience and is a significant ARM representative which is continually preparing for successfully conducting its mission. 

Since 2004 the unit went through an intensive developing period and put maximum efforts improving the operative ability and is always ready to manage all challenges of the modern time.

As a result of its readiness and interoperability with NATO units, the deep in enemy territory observation unit as part of the Rangers Battalion in the period from 2007 to 2010 has successfully finished the self assessment level 1, NATO assessment level 1 – CREVAL and self assessment level 2 – TACEVAL.

The unit consists of professional staff educated and trained according to NATO programs and standards. The servicemen are young and psychophysically well prepared and motivated professionals who are trained for combats and are able to perform operations under different conditions.


The training of the Rangers Battalion is primarily focused on exercising the procedures of infiltration and retreatment on land, in air and water, procedures for establishing the system for observation and gathering operative strategic intelligence information, procedures for identifying, classifying and locating targets to be attacked by aircraft or artillery, procedures for combat assessment of targets, for hidden  observation and offensive operations behind enemy lines, for identifying enemy artillery fire, for securing certain level of units’ protection, ability for independent execution of operations in a duration of five days and for many other activities.

Missions abroad

Members of the Rangers Battalion took part in a few peacekeeping missions in Iraq from 2004 to 2009 and in Afghanistan in 2010.
The participants in the missions have been rewarded with a big number of certificates of appreciation and with medals and other stimulating decorations.


In 2011 the President of the Republic of Macedonia and the Supreme Commander of the armed forces awarded the Rangers Battalion the medal of military merits for a successful accomplishment of their tasks and challenges.