Training & Exercises

The Ceremonial Guard Battalion is based on the foundations of the First Guard Brigade, which was established on 26.03.1992 in “Ilinden” barracks, after the Republic of Macedonia gained its independence. By Decree of the President, 11th of November is set as the “Day of the Ceremonial Guard Battalion”, in honor of the famous First Macedonian-Kosovo Brigade and the First Macedonian National Liberation Brigade.


On the 22.07.2002 the “Honour and Service Guard Battalion” started functioning with experienced officers from the First Guard Brigade. On the 01.03.2006 the unit was transformed into the “Honour and Service Battalion” within the Command for Logistics Support. With the latest transformation of ARM on 01.04.2012 the unit received the rank of an independent battalion, directly subordinated to the General Staff, with the new name "Ceremonial Guard Battalion" composed of the Command and Staff, the First and Second Honour Guard Company and the military orchestra.


The Ceremonial Guard Battalion is organized around the principal guard’s values: honour, courage and commitment - qualities of each member of the unit. Honour as the foundation of guards’ character obliges them to act conscientiously and responsibly, to fulfill their duties, displaying the highest ethical and moral values. Courage is a source of psycho-physical and spiritual force that leads guards through the challenge of fighting and brings them to victory. Guard’s commitment leads to professionalism, creates the highest order of discipline for him and the unit, instills loyalty to the army and the country, and gives determination to achieve a standard of excellence in every endeavor.


In the spirit of the principal values, the soldiers show their motivation with the slogan “Lux Aeterna” which means “Eternal Light” as a symbol of the eternal Macedonian sun and the Macedonian defiance.


The Ceremonial Guard Battalion achieves quality and professional level in the organization and execution of combat training, with realistic conditions to meet the required norms and standards. It has performed military honours for many foreign delegations and dignitaries, at the highest professional level. The members of the battalion make the first impression that foreign delegations get when being welcomed in our country.


Being a member of the Ceremonial Guard Battalion of ARM and representing the Army and the Republic of Macedonia is a special privilege and honour.